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Jennifer Rowley Discusses Community Engagement and Student Partnerships in Music Education -

Judy Kay Discusses Human-Centred Technology and How To Improve Communication in Learning -

Peter Reimann discusses the Learning Sciences and the Peer Tutoring Effect -

Susan Potter Shares Her Experience Co-Designing a Curriculum With Students -

Peter Bryant Discusses 'Students as Creators' and Community-Focused Education - 

Judy Kay Discusses Human-Centered Technology and Bringing Learners Together - 

Gareth Denyer on Teaching With Technologies and the Power of the Crowd -


Learning Spaces - 

Neuroscience and Education - 



Miguel Iglesias (Medicine) ‐ deployment of PeerWise with mature‐age students in postgraduate Medical courses - 

Judy Kay (School of Computer Science) – extending technology‐enhanced peer learning: ideas for future research on and development of the PeerWise platform - 

Dale Hancock (Science) ‐ deployment of PeerWise in very large classes. The advantages of getting students to devise T/F questions over MCQs. Using PeerWise to help students reflect on book‐derived MCQs - 

Charles Cranfield (School of Life Sciences, University of Technology, Sydney) ‐ engaging Health Science students using PeerWise at UTS - 

Paul Denny (University of Auckland) ‐ a summary of educational research with PeerWise, and a look to the future - 

Courtney Hilton (Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation) ‐ introduction to the Student Partnerships Special Interest Group + what makes student‐generated questioning effective: a psychological perspective - 

Gareth Denyer (Science) ‐ can student designed MCQs be used in real exams? Interesting ways of engaging with PeerWise metrics ‐ automating the grading of student questions and engagement. Non‐conventional uses of PeerWise -