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CRLI at GAP Summit in the Parliament House

Global Access Partners' annual Vision for Australia Summit Series is held each September in a State Parliament House for a select audience of 120 senior executives from government, business and academia. GAP Summits foster outcome-based engagement on key issues of value to Australia, such as productivity, infrastructure, education, innovation, job creation and prospects for future economic growth.

This year the topic is "Beyond education: Lifelong learing for Australia's future'. 

CRLI was present with a table. The slides can be found here. 

The delegates in the Senate of the Parliament House NSW

From the program: 

"The 2019 Summit, titled ‘Beyond Education: Lifelong Learning for Australia’s Future’, will focus on ways to prepare new generations of Australians for a future characterised by volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. Innovative technology will demand new skills from the workforce, which will in turn reshape education. Multiple career transitions may become the norm, requiring ongoing education and training to ride succeeding waves of technological change. Primary, secondary and tertiary education will have to prepare people for lifelong learning in a new ‘quaternary education’ sector, and policy makers and educators will have to decide whether to create new formal structures or rely on free market solutions, as education’s ‘centre of gravity’ shifts from youth to adult provision.

GAP's 10th anniversary Summit will bring together education practitioners, business leaders, politicians, government policy makers and civic thought leaders. Participants will consider the impact of technology on the future workforce and the challenges of retraining people as skills requirements change."

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