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We are excited to announce the inaugural SRES mini-conference: SRESCon2019 on Tuesday 19 November 2019. 

We are excited to announce the inaugural SRES mini-conference: SRESCon2019 on Tuesday 19 November 2019. This event is being jointly organised by the Educational Innovation team from the DVC (Education) Portfolio, and the LA/EDM SIG from the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, at the University of Sydney.

This free one-day event will bring together educators from the University of Sydney and other institutions to share good practice around personalising student learning through SRES. Whether you’ve never heard of SRES or are an experienced user, you’ll get something out of hearing how educators are engaging students, fostering positive relationships, and providing timely personalised feedback and support using relevant data.

I used to give students feedback once at the end of 12 weeks. Now with SRES, I give better feedback every week, in half the time.

From in-class grading and feedback to personalised web portals; from peer feedback and self reflection to getting to know your cohort; from fostering positive attendance patterns to identifying and supporting at risk students; from leveraging Canvas data to powerful personalised emails – SRES has something that every educator can use.

Within our faculty, SRES has helped change in how we look at student data and how we can better use it.

Through SRESCon, we hope to help even more educators use the right data the right way to improve students’ learning experiences and outcomes, all while saving time and improving quality. SRES is freely available to institutions other than Sydney.

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Key details

Date: Tuesday 19 November 2019 from 9:00 am

Venue: The University of Sydney, main campus (Camperdown)

Cost: Free (registration essential)

We welcome attendees from any institution. A Zoom option will be made available for remote attendees.


Call for presentations

As part of the registration process, we warmly invite any educators who currently use SRES to submit a proposal for a short presentation. We’d love to hear about how you use SRES to foster teacher-student relationships, personalise support, empower your teaching team with relevant information, make teaching more efficient, enhance student learning through feedback, and everything in between.

Just provide a few sentences around how and why you use SRES as part of SRESCon registration.

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The full program is coming soon. We are planning a morning of talks, followed by afternoon workshops and masterclasses.


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