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CRLI Alumni Receives Grant to Implement Development Project in the Philippines

Carlo Grant

Alumni of CRLI's Master of Learning Science and Technology (Research), Carlo Fernando, has received one of five Australian Alumni Grants this year. The aim of the grants are for alumni to implement development projects in the Philippines based on their Australian education. This is what he had to say about applying for and receiving the grant:

My passion (and frustration) in advancing basic education literacy motivated me to apply for the Australian Alumni Grant Scheme, where Australian-educated alumni are empowered to implement development projects in the Philippines informed by Australian education. I was one of the fortunate five grantees this year, where the grant I received shall be used to support five contextualised literacy interventions and innovations in the country, where we aim to create a community of literacy advocates, and where the learnings of the community are disseminated to the wider network of public school teachers both through online and face to face sessions.

Truly - definitely excited to start this community with Alumni Fellows of Teachfor ThePhilippines, link them with Australia Awards Alumni who shall serve as their mentors, and invite public school teachers to attend sessions and access the learnings from the pilot studies of this grant.

Thank you very much to the Australia Awards Scholarship and to Teach for the Philippines for working with me - with us (!!!) - in this initiative! Always, para sa bata, para sa guro, para sa bayan!


Submitted byElizabeth Black on Fri, 04/12/2019, 09:58

Great news! Congraulations @carlo :-)

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