At the nexus of learning and innovation
April 30, 1:00 pm

CoCoLab - room 236/237, level 2, A35 Education Building, University of Sydney Camperdown campus

    Pre-service teachers’ Perezhivanie and epistemic agency during the professional experience


    CoCoLab - room 236/237, level 2, A35 Education Building, University of Sydney Camperdown campus

      Join us on April 30th for a special Learning and Innovation seminar with Dr Hongzhi Yangh when she will present her research paper focusing on student teachers’ perezhivanie and epistemic agency.

      Dr Yang For preservice teachers, their professional experience at school could be a challenging learning experience, during which they need to trial what they have learned at the university in their classroom teaching. To improve preservice teachers’ learning experience, it is necessary to explore how preservice teachers cope with the challenges and engage with knowledge practice during their school placements.

      This study combines two concepts, Vygotsky’s concept of perezhivanie, and epistemic agency, to explore the nexus between their personal experience and knowledge practice. Perezhivanie refers to a unit of consciousness and intelligent perception of the environment. This paper extends the concept of epistemic agency from the computer-supported collaborative learning context to professional experience context, focusing on how student teachers take responsibility in developing and creating ideas for teaching.

      This paper used interview-based case study with two secondary languages pre-service teachers in an Australian university. Findings revealed that individual epistemic agency varied in types and degrees depending on personal interpretation of the social situation, which was illustrated by the concept of perezhivanie in analysing the development of epistemic agency. At the same time, the analysis of epistemic agency elucidated how a person reorganised the thoughts and actions during the process of interpreting the challenging experience.

      • Tues 30 Apr, 1.00pm - 2.00pm - this is a brown-bag event. Refreshments will be provided, please bring a mug/Keepcup etc if possible.
      • CoCoLab (room 236/7 on level 2, A35 Education Building)
      • No registration is needed, just come on the day.

      Hongzhi (Veronica) is an academic Fellow in the Faculty of Education and Social Work with a specialisation in Language education in the LOTE program. She is coordinating and lecturing all the languages curriculum units for both primary and secondary teacher education programs. She obtained her PhD in Education and Graduate Diploma in secondary teaching at the University of New South Wales, Australia. Her PhD research was about teacher mediated agency in responding to educational reform in China. Her research/pedagogical interests include language teaching, teacher education and professional learning, teachers' emotion, TESOL, sociocultural theory, activity theory, and language assessment. She also has experience teaching Chinese and ESL in high schools, community language schools and primary schools in Australia.