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Kathryn is Head of the Quality and Analytics (QA) Group within the newly restructured Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) Portfolio. The QA Group's work centres around the evaluation of learning and teaching, including surveys of the student experience, as well as academic and learning analytics.

She joined the Institute for Teaching and Learning (ITL) in mid 2008, and was a member of the academic staff team until the ITL closed at the end of August 2015. Her time in the ITL followed a two year education development post in the Faculty of Pharmacy. Her original academic appointment at the University of Sydney was in the Faculty of Agriculture where she was involved in teaching, consulting, and researching in applied statistics for seven years.

Recent publications

Bartimote-Aufflick, K., Pardo, A., Reimann, P. (2019). The perspective realism brings to learning analytics in the classroom. In J. M. Lodge, J. Cooney Horvath & L. Corrin (Eds.), Learning analytics in the classroom: Translating learning analytics research for teachers. London: Routledge.

Liu, D., Bartimote-Aufflick, K., Pardo, A., Bridgeman, A. (2017). Data-driven personalization of student learning support in higher education. In Alejandro Pena-Ayala (Eds.), Learning Analytics: Fundaments, Applications, and Trends: A view of the current state of the art to enhance e-Learning, (pp. 143-169). Cham: Springer. [More Information]

Lucas, C., Bosnic-Anticevich, S., Schneider, C., Bartimote-Aufflick, K., McEntee, M., Smith, L. (2017). Inter-rater reliability of a reflective rubric to assess pharmacy students' reflective thinking. Currents in Pharmacy Teaching and Learning, 9(6), 989-995. [More Information]

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Head, Quality and Analytics

Co-convenor of the Learning Analytics SIG

P: +61 2 9351 4955

F: +61 2 9351 4331

E[email protected]

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