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Keynote plenary of the Nov 29th Learning and Innovation Research Fest

Moonshots for 21st Century Learning: Research at the CRLI Advanced Learning Technologies SIG

Moonshot from Apollo 8

The opening plenary for the Learning and Innovation Research Fest will place in New Law theatre 101 from 10.00-11.15am on Thursday November 29th 2018. It will feature an overview of Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) research by Professors Michael Jacobson and Judy Kay, and a panel and audience discussion of the grand educational challenges in Australia and globally.

On July 20, 1969, the metaphor of reaching for the moon became a reality when the first two humans walked on its surface, made possible by an incredible range of research and technological development. Inspired in part by that moonshot, research in the Advanced Learning Technologies, or ALT, SIG will use cognitive science theories and methods to study how to advance the learning of challenging knowledge and skills with a range of advanced technology systems. ALT researchers will ask hard questions about what learning benefits can be demonstrated with these technologies, as well as formulate systematic ways to assess the value of these learning technologies in K-12 and university education areas such as STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics), health and medicine, music, and second language learning.

This opening plenary session will feature an overview of ALT research by Professors Michael Jacobson - a learning scientist whose work integrates complexity and cognitive learning theories into the design of intelligent virtual learning environments and computer modelling systems - and Judy Kay - a computer scientist whose research aims to create diverse new interfaces for life-long and life-wide personalised learning with a deep design focus on learner empowerment, responsibility and control, aided by meta-cognitive scaffolding.

We then will be joined by a panel of researchers: Professor Phil Poronnik; Dr. Micah Goldwater; and Professor Peter Reimann, to have an extended audience discussion of questions, suggestions, and ideas about what are the grand educational challenges in Australia and globally that we should consider engaging, and what ALT moonshots might focus on.

This plenary session will also feature short presentations by: Professor Peter Reimann, co-director of CRLI; Professor Annamarie Jagose, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; and Professor Philippa Pattison, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education). It will be recorded. It is part of the Learning and Innovation Research Fest on Thursday November 29th 2018, please see the link for more information. Attendance is free but pre-registration is essential before Nov 21.

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