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CRLI Innovative Technologies: Showcase and Demo

Interested in getting hands-on with augmented and virtual reality? Want to explore the use of the Immersive Learning Lab or learn how to go from nothing to an immersive VR experience in under 30 minutes? Here's your chance to hear from how the different researchers at the University are approaching eXtended Reality (XR) curriculum and pedagogies, and explore the practical role of augmented and virtual reality in higher education.

We have an exiting event coming up on the 1st of August: our CRLI Innovative Technologies: Showcase and Demo.

Beeple illustration: Using VR

We have 12 exhibitors and speakers lined up from 5 different areas, all with the goal of showcasing and demonstrating some of our recent innovative research and technologies. They will show how they are being used at the University, and talk about their potential to provide excellence in education and teaching. This event is open and relevant to everyone at the University – all you need is some interest! This event is both hands-on with demos and information rich with a showcase presentation firmly grounded in “real world” practical application, including how these technologies will equip our graduates with valuable insight and experience for their careers after college and techniques for educators to enhance their own teaching skills at the University.

Demo pods will run from 2.30-4.00pm as an Innovative technologies @USyd drop-in space,  followed by showcase presentations and Q&A session from 4.00-5.00pm. Some of the demos:

  • Jim Cook will demonstrate how quickly one can get a VR experience up and running with a live coding demo.
  • Peter Magdas will showcase how work in The Immersive Learning Laboratory is enabling University of Sydney students to get access to experiences that are otherwise not possible due to logistical or safety constraints.
  • Cyntia De Macedo Franco will demonstrate the Stellar Evolution VR project, which uses VR technologies to give people tangible experiences of astrophysics. 


  • 2.30-4.00pm in ABS3100Innovative technologies @USyd drop-in demo exhibition space including: Woe to Go/Live coding of VR experiences; Data Visualisation and OLE; VR/ Hands on experience; Stellar Evolution VR project and more
  • 4.00-5.00pm in ABS1170: Innovative Technologies @USyd Showcase opening with "firehose" presentations around the use of innovative technologies, and moving into a panel Q&A session on the XR curriculum and pedagogies. Including a host of distinguished speakers including Peter Reimann, Michael Jacobson, Philip Poronnik, Peter Magdas, Jim Cook and others to be announced

Registration for this event is free but required before 27 July to secure your space - get to before July 27 to sign up! More information will follow to registrants.

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