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Ambitious “Growing mind” project funded in Finland

Congratulations to our Finnish colleagues, Professor Kai Hakkarainen and his team, who have been awarded a strategic grant for the project “Growing mind: Educational transformations for facilitating sustainable personal, social, and institutional renewal at the digital age”.

The University of Helsinki

This five year multimillion-dollar project is a part of the Strategic Research Programme of the Academy of Finland “Keys to Sustainable Growth”. “Growing mind” is closely aligned with some key CRLI’s research lines, such as learning analytics, knowledge-creating learning, and particularly Lina Markauskaite and Peter Goodyear’s work on epistemic fluency. One of the goals of the project is to support the development of epistemic flexibility in learners. Another is to empower teachers to design (and co-design in teams) their own pedagogical innovations and actionable pedagogical-improvements: a capacity also enabled with epistemic flexibility. Hakkarainen’s team will also be developing next generation learning analytics for formative assessments of higher-level epistemic competencies. CRLI is an international collaborator on this exciting project and we look forward to working together.

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