At the nexus of learning and innovation

Designing for (instructional) designers: A design-thinking approach

In this workshop the Instructional Design & eLearning community will work with The University of Sydney Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation team to design an (online) space for eLearning practitioners to interact with academics on the innovation of eLearning methods, practices and technologies.

(The workshop is booked out see here). 

You will learn about Design Thinking by applying the principles to a problem where you are one of the ‘customers’.

You’ll be introduced to the basic concepts and tools of Design Thinking and apply these to design an online space where practitioners and researchers can jointly work on eLearning innovation. You will be thinking about issues such as:

* How do design for the online experience? 
* How to represent/inscribe e-learning knowledge (e.g., cases, narratives, patterns, models)? 
* How to encourage contributions and commitment? 
* How to regulate community behavior and how to deal with newcomers?

At the end of the workshop, in addition to answers to these questions, you will have some practical Design Thinking skills such as:

* Gaining empathy  
* Taking a point of view 
* Ideation 
* Prototyping

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