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Scholarships awarded

Five University of Sydney Higher Degree Research (HDR) candidates have been awarded a top up scholarship to participate in the Sydney Research Excellence Initiative 'SREI’ 2020 project entitled "Understanding and facilitating learning in emerging knowledge co-creation spaces", within the CRLI.

We are delighted to announce the following recipients:

Katherin Cartwright, Master of Education (Research)







Chun Chuen (Billy) Chan, Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

Billy Chan





Courtney Bryce Hilton, Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

Courtney Hilton






Puji Rahayu, Doctor of Philosophy (Education)

Puji Rahayu




Tingjia Wang, Doctor of Philosophy (Arts & Soc Sci)

Tingjia Wang






Recipients will work as a part of a multidisciplinary team implementing one of the following five seed projects:

  1. Knowledge co-creation in health and medical technology innovations
  2. Knowledge co-creation in school-university partnerships
  3. Knowledge practices in learning analytics
  4. Learning for the workplace through innovation and knowledge co-creation
  5. Research dissemination via knowledge co-creation

All scholarship recipients will be mentored by senior team leaders and will be provided with extensive further opportunities for development of their research expertise in the project areas.

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