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Leading international scholars at CRLI

Announcing a program of visiting scholars for the second half of 2017

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CRLI has invited key international scholars from leading centres to collaborate on its project Understanding and Facilitating Learning in Emerging Knowledge Co-Creation Spaces, funded under the Sydney Research Excellence Initiative 'SREI’ 2020 scheme at the University of Sydney, and present a series of lectures, seminars and workshops.

The program includes the following international scholars:

Prof Nancy Law

The University of Hong Kong, HK

Nancy Law

Prof Law is the Founding Director and current Deputy Director of the Centre for Information Technology in Education (CITE).

Nancy Law’s research focuses network models of teacher learning and innovation; Designing Shared Virtual Environments in Learning; Comparative studies of ICT in education policy and practice; Ecological models of educational change and innovation; Technology-enhanced Pedagogical and Assessment Innovations; Modeling and Simulations in Education; Multimedia Case Studies

Prof Law will be leading lectures and seminars at the University of Sydney on 9 and 10 August 2017.

Prof Patrick Oliver

Newcastle University, Open Lab, UK

Patrick Olivier

Prof Oliver is the founder and leader of Open Lab and the Principal Investigator and Co-Director of the EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Digital Civics.

Prof Olivier’s research interests include the application of social and ubiquitous computing to education, health and wellbeing, as well as the development of new approaches for interaction (such as novel sensing platforms and interaction techniques) and human-centred design methods.

Patrick Oliver will be visiting the University of Sydney 23-28 October 2017

Prof Allison Littlejohn

Open University, UK

Allison LittlejohnProf Littlejohn is Academic Director of Learning and Teaching at the Open University.

Allison Littlejohn’s research interests pertain to how people use technologies to learn for work. This work spans education and industry, working across the boundaries between sectors and disciplines to transform the ways professionals learn.

Prof Littlejohn be visiting the University of Sydney 6-10 November 2017

Prof Bill Penuel

University of Colorado Boulder, US

Bill PenuelBill Penuel is Professor of Educational Psychology & Learning Sciences at the University of Colorado Boulder.

Prof Penuel’s current research focuses on teacher learning and organizational processes that shape the implementation of educational policies, school curricula, and afterschool programs.

Bill Penuel be visiting the University of Sydney 10-18 November 2017

A/Prof Crina Damsa

University of Oslo, Norway

Crina DamsaCrina Damsa is Associate Professor in the Department of Teacher Education and School Research.

Associate Prof Damsa’s research interests include:

  • Inquiry-based learning, research-based learning, collaborative learning in higher education
  • Teaching and learning in professional domains: teacher and engineering education
  • Technology-enhanced learning
  • Interaction analysis, analysis of video-data

Crina Damsa will be visiting the University of Sydney 4-8 December 2017

Prof Roger Säjlö

University of Gothenburg, Sweden

Roger SaljoRoger Säjlö is the Director of The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction and Mediated Communication in Contemporary Society (LinCS).

Prof Säjlö’s research focuses on how people learn to use cultural tools and how we acquire competences and skills that are foundational to learning in a socially and technologically complex society.

Roger Säjlö will be visiting the University of Sydney 10-16 February 2018


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