At the nexus of learning and innovation

This study is led by Louise Sutherland and Janette Bobis, with Jennifer Way, Jen Scott-Curwood.

This team of researchers explores how knowledge is co-created through partnerships in educational settings, including with teachers, pre-service teachers, students, teachers educators, school leaders, disciplinary experts, and researchers. They  is interested in both the process and product of knowledge co-creation, and how it is shaped in different contexts by language, non-verbal communication, and artefacts.

The focus is on three contexts: Science, Primary Mathematics Specialisation, and meta-level. Each context has specific research questions.

The study draws on an epistemic framework, which is being co-developed.  Group meetings are planned around discussions of key research articles with the aim of developing a shared understanding of epistemic frameworks.   

In collaboration with Prof. Nancy Law, the team workshopped methodologies to capture the co-creation process.

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