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Design patterns for team collaboration competences

The aim is to collectively develop a number of educational design patterns. These patterns provide answers to two questions:

  • how to develop collaboration competencies
  • how to assess them for formative purposes, so that students can be provided with feedback.

Communication and collaboration competencies are mentioned prominently amongst the graduate attributes of the University of Sydney. They are also listed as essential skills on job descriptions worldwide. However, how to systematically develop such competencies remains largely unspecified, and how to assess them is a matter of widespread and contentious discussion.

As first suggested in architecture (Alexander, 1979), a pattern describes an effective solution to a recurrent problem embedded in a specific context. In education, where solutions take the form of learning designs, we speak of pedagogical design patterns and of assessment design patterns.


  • Slides from the workshop. 
  • An initial library of patterns is here. Feel free to add you own patterns! (Can also be done using the "Add content" on the menu to the right, and selecting "Assessment Design Pattern" as content type.) 

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