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Welcome to the Neuroscience and Education SIG ongoing studies!

One of our ongoing studies is with regards to the development of morality in young children in collaboration with the Child Neurosuite led by Professor Jean Decety at the Center for Early Childhood Research, Chicago University. In this study, we will investigate children’s perception of social behaviours in interpersonal contexts, by collecting children’s drawings and temporal neurodynamics captured by electroencephalogram (EEG) when the child watches series of images on a computer (The video above, created by our collaborator at Chicago University, shows more information about the EEG task). To investigate relationship between child’s perception and parent’s/guardian’s attitudes to interpersonal issues, one parent of the child will be asked to complete some survey questions.

                                  interaction     EEG

What if my child becomes uncomfortable during the study?

Your child can stop at any time.

Where will it happen?

We are asking your child and you to visit the Neuroscience and Education Lab in Education Building (A35) at the University of Sydney on one occasion.

Do we receive anything for participating?

To express our appreciation of your child's and your contribution, we will provide a Certificate of Participation and a gift card.

Can I bring my other children with me?

You can bring them along with you. We have a nice waiting room with children toys.

I am interested in participating, what should I do?

Please call 02 8627 5770 or email us at for further information.


Video credit: Cowell JM and Decety J

Photos credit: Neuroscience and Education SIG