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ResearchFest 19 recordings are online

Watch our plenaries, "Moonshots for 21st Century Learning: Research at the CRLI Advanced Learning Technologies" and "Innovation in the Digital Local Learning Ecology" with Prof Patrick Olivier, as well as available roundtables.

Opening Plenary: Moonshots for 21st Century Learning: Research at the CRLI Advanced Learning Technologies SIG

The opening plenary for the 2018 CRLI Learning and Innovation Research Fest featured an overview of Advanced Learning Technologies (ALT) research by Professors Michael Jacobson and Judy Kay, and a panel and audience discussion of the grand educational challenges in Australia and globally. The session also featured short presentations by: Professor Peter Reimann, co-director of CRLI; Professor Annamarie Jagose, Dean, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; and Professor Philippa Pattison, Deputy Vice Chancellor (Education), of the University of Sydney.




With Profs Peter Reimann, Prof Judy Kay, A/Prof Kalina Yacef

There is a lot being published about AI in Education in socio-economic terms, and from the algorithms and big data side, but we hear little about interface with the learners, teachers, and parents. This roundtable will explore and address AI for education, and how it may change the learning experience.



Teacher data literacy - LARG SIG (audio only)

In this session, panellists discuss teacher data literacy in both the K-12 and university contexts, considering definitions for both data and data literacy, why teachers and education leaders may wish to use data, and the various approaches panellists are taking to develop teacher data literacy. It also looks forward to research horizons – what has been done to date, and what is needed next?

Dr Kathryn Bartimote, Prof Peter Reimann, Prof Jim Tognolini, Prof Adam Bridgeman, from the University of Sydney, and  Dr Shannon Kennedy-Clark (University of Notre Dame).


Closing Plenary: Innovation in the Digital Local Learning Ecology with Prof Patrick Olivier

"In this talk I will describe a number of digital learning innovation activities Open Lab has been undertaking with schools and colleges in the North East of England. Hodgson & Spours proposed a model of Local Learning Ecologies (LLE) that both explains and informs interventions related to decisions and actions of young people and those working with them in an educational context. Models such as LLE can both help us understand issues pertaining to resilience of education provision, but also point towards new roles for digital technologies to realise models of community, business and civic institution engagement with school-based education. In this talk I will outline a number of examples of our work that seek to realise this Digital Local Learning Ecology, and in doing so I hope to not just introduce our innovations but paint a picture of how universities themselves might reconfigure themselves as civic partners."

With a short presentations by Associate Professor Julia Horne, University Historian.



Submitted byJudy Steele Parolini (not verified) on Mon, 12/10/2018, 05:55

Loved all. Keen to hear about any new developments - ie methodology for language learning.
Nice day nice to meet colleagues. liked workshops.
Judy Steele Parolini DARTS Candidate: thesis + documentary
Like seeing new developments in the application of technology in education

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