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Andrew Allan

Andrew is the Learning Support Program coordinator for Undergraduate Commerce at the University of Sydney Business School and a PhD candidate at the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI).

Andrew has worked locally and internationally in English language education as a teacher, administrator, and in educational technology development and training. Through his work at the Business School he has received grants for educational innovation in the use of Learning Analytics for formative feedback and assessment, and Augmented Reality to enhance the student learning experience. 

His master’s thesis (USYD) researched ESL teacher perceptions of the efficacy of Interactive Whiteboards, for which he received the Education Faculty Dean’s Award for Outstanding Dissertation. It was this research that fuelled his desire to further explore learning technologies and their potential to enhance the educational experiences for both students and educators.

PhD Project: Making sense of Learning Analytics in English as a Second Language

This project focuses on teachers’ sense making and decision making around student data, presented via a teacher/student facing dashboard. It examines individual and emergent collaborative sense making processes, observing the effect on decision making in Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) pedagogy. This pedagogy underpins ESL teaching in Australia and other L1 (English as a 1st language) ESL teaching contexts. Its three core principles are Learner centeredness, Collaboration and Feedback. The foundations of what is now more broadly known as task-based or problem-based learning.

Memberships and Affiliations

  • Society for Learning Analytics Research

Contact information

Office: The University of Sydney Business School, RM 4040, Abercrombie Building H70

Email: [email protected]