At the nexus of learning and innovation

Chun Chuen Billy CHAN

I have been teaching English for Academic/Specific Purposes (i.e., Business, Science) for over 7 years before I began myPhD in 2017.  I  have always tried to find way to improve my own teaching and enhance learners' experience in English as a Second/Foreign Language. I have observed that my students’ work were filled with interesting ideas but many fell short in developing sound arguments. 

This has inspired me to focus my doctoral thesis on using multimodality mediated by infographics for teaching and learning critical thinking – Toulmin’s model in particular. The study is grounded by learning sciences (i.e., Embodied Cognition Theory), teaching pedagogy (i.e. Task-based Learning), and applied linguistics (i.e. Social Semiotic Theory). 

My research interests range from visual grammar, digital storytelling, material design and development, teaching pedagogies, and genre analysis. I am also a member of the Australian Systematic Functional Linguistics Association.



  • Associate Prof. Ken Cruickshank 
  • Associate Prof. Lina Markauskaite

Contact information

Office: 237 Education Blg A35

Email: [email protected]

Lab: Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation

Recent publications

Chan, B. (2017). Digital Storytelling (DST): an innovative alternative for Business English courses. Modern English Teacher26(2)25-28.

Chan, B. C. C. (2015). Teacher's behaviour in integrating Digital Storytelling (DST) software into their language teaching: Its impact & implications. In Baratt, L. & Phachara, S. (Eds)., English Language Education in ASIA: Reflections and Directions: The 35th Thailand TESOL International Conference Proceedings (pp.12-27). Bangkok, Thailand: Thailand TESOL.