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Neuroscience and Education SIG hosting a round table discussion



The Neuroscience and Education Special Interest Group (Neuroscience  and Education SIG) is home to researchers from diverse backgrounds, from teachers to scientists, united under this cause. The research groups within the SIG include:

Human And Moral Development In Education (HAMIDE), founded by Dr Minkang Kim, has a particular focus on the origins of moral values, particularly how empathy and moral sensitivity emerges within the brain.

Learning, Cognitive and Brain Sciences (LCBS) research group, led by Professor Michael Jacobson, is currently working on an ongoing research project funded by the Australian Research Council, working on issues concerning the cognitive perspectives and behavioural aspects of learning.

Professor Philip Poronnik (The Sydney School of Medicine)'s interest lie in exploring a creative engagement approach to student learning in higher education context, supporting students to engage in deep learning.

The SIG's currently inviting the interested audience and future collaborators to the roundtable discussion:

“The Social Brain: Learning and Wellbeing - Your Thoughts, Please?”.

At this important SIG meeting, in addition to hearing about some projects that are currently running, participants will contribute their thoughts and insights to the SIG’s new Winter School Unit of Study. As a result of our successful Strategic Education Grants application and the approval of a new cross-disciplinary Unit of Study on The Social Brain: Learning and Wellbeing, SIG members will run a Winter School of 36 hours over three weeks, beginning in 2019. Please do your best to attend this SIG meeting, as we need your help with this exciting and challenging new venture.

This event is part of the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation's Open Forum & SIG Day Out, and will be facilitated by Dr. Minkang Kim.

  • When: 1.30-3.00 pm the 4th of July 2018
  • Where: The New Law Building, New Law School Seminar 107
  • Registration before June 30 essential:


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