At the nexus of learning and innovation

Courtney Hilton

Courtney Hilton's research spans across cognitive neuroscience, the learning sciences, and musicology.

His PhD work explores how we process structure in music and language, and their shared cognitive and neural underpinnings. He uses a combination of experimental (behavioural and electrophysiological) and computational methods to explore this area. This research is hoped to contribute to our understanding of how music and language are related to each other, how we might better learn music and language, and how learning music might support

Courtney also has a strong research agenda in how people learn and in improving our educational systems and technologies. Current projects engage in areas of: music & mathematics education, novel technologies, medical education, and in supporting more effective learning strategies and attitudes in higher-education.

Contact information

Office: 343 Brennan MacCallum Building

Supervisors: Dr Micah Goldwater & Professor Michael Jacobson

Email: [email protected]

Labs: Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, Alex Holcombe Lab for Perception and Psychophysics, Learning Cognition and Brain Sciences Research Group