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Submission Form: A call for interesting ideas, projects, and research

Do you have predictions about the future of learning? Are you working on an innovative project? Itching to share insights into novel pedagogies, new technologies, interesting places and spaces, theories, methods, and other topics or combinations? We here at the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI) are trialling an initiative to gather such ideas, projects, and research from our broader community. Our goal is to provoke discussion and speculation around the cutting edges of our field in ways that provide a more dynamic and agile supplement to what is possible in the traditional peer-reviewed academic journal image of ideas

Every few months the CRLI management team will invite individuals to produce slightly longer reports/white papers (2-3 pages) which will draw on combinations of the ideas submitted and other research which is relevant to the research and education agendas of the University and broader research community. These short submissions and longer reports will be disseminated across the relevant committees across university and publicly through the CRLI blogsite, where we will host discussions around the presented topics. All contributions will be acknowledged.

Submissions for the first round of this process will close at the end of September.

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