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Student highlight: Roland Hachmann

Presenting at our CRLI seminar series this week, we have a chat with PhD candidate and visiting scholar from Denmark, Roland Hachmann. We discuss his work on knowledge transformations and learning.

How would you describe your research?

Roland: Designing for transformation of situated knowledge

What motivates your research?

Best article of 2016—Educational Psychologist!

Educational Psychologist is the leading academic journal for educational research. Earlier this month, they awarded the 'best article of 2016' to an article written by Michael Jacobson, Manu Kapur, and Peter Reimann.

In the second iteration of the award, the prestigious Educational Psychologist has deemed the best paper of 2016 to be Conceptualizing Debates in Learning and Educational Research: Toward a Complex Systems Conceptual Framework of Learning' (Jacobson, Kapur, Reimann, 2016)! Authors Michael Jacobson and Peter Reimann are both professors here at Sydney University—the latter being the current co-director of CRLI—and their external