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Student partnerships at the University of Sydney: Cases

Good examples of student partnerships are probably more common than you would think. However, we tend not to hear about them. The purpose of this 'cases' page is to highlight and collect outstanding cases coming from within our university. One the one hand this provides the opportunity to learn from what others are doing, perhaps inspiring new partnerships to emerge. And on the other hand, this can bring visibility to a phenomena (student partnerships) that many are unfamiliar with, showing by example how effective such well-coordinated partnerships can be in empowering learners.

A new case can be added following this link, or by choosing "Add content" from the tools menu on the right, and selecting "Student Partnership Case" as the content type.  

Students as Authours of Adapitive Lessons

Students involved

  • Biochemistry (Advanced) 45 - as authors
  • Biochemistry (Normal)  170 - as recipients and reviewers

Staff involved

  • Gareth Denyer
  • Pearl Lee, Christopher McKenzie and Erin Sykes (as tutors)

Course details

BCHM2X72 is an intermediate course in Human Biochemistry

Using Peerwise to engage students in co-creating their learning resources

Using a software tool called Peerwise, Gareth engaged his biochemistry students in actively creating learning resources as part of their coursework. Peerwise enables this by supporting an online community of students in creating and answering multiple choice questions around topics set by a teacher.

Students as partners in curriculum planning & content development: The Online Core Linguistics Resource

The students have been developing the linguistic problem sets from legacy materials in the department as well as sourcing additional problems that complement the existing curriculum. As they learned to translate the problems to the online context, they have gained experience collaborating with the educational designers from the Educational Innovation team and with the copyright officers from the University Library.