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Ling Wu

I'm a Postgraduate Research Fellow and PhD candidate at the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation, researching empathy development in young children in Early Childhood Education Contexts. And I am looking forward to collaborate with a broader academic community this website will bring together.

Academic background

My PhD project investigates how the implementation of educational technology influences young children's empathy development in brain and body systems. It is a longitudinal study combining tablet game based microgenetic method and EEG. My Postgraduate Fellow Work currently is related to Teacher Data Literacy in Higher Education contexts.

Academic objectives

The main object of my PhD research is to understand how empathy develops at a neurodynamic and behavioural level. My PhD project combines longitudinal methods (microgenetic methods) and brain imaging techniques (EEG) to evaluate how a purposely designed game may encourage empathy development in young children (3-6-year-olds). The study is grounded by Dynamic System Theory, a leading theory in Developmental Science that focuses on how change and development occur in concert with environmental factors.

My Research Fellow work is currently related to supporting prospective teachers to develop data literacy competences.


Minkang Kim; Lina Markauskaite

Contact information

Office: 237 Education Bldg A35


Phone: +61 2 286275770

Lab: Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation


Recent publications

Peer reviewed conference presentation

Kim, M., Wu, L., Lee, W., Decety, J. (2018). Young children's responses to harm and injustice - an EEG Study (poster presentation). EARLI (SIG22) Neuroscience and Education Conference, London.

Wu, L. & Kim, M. (2015). Enhancing Young Children’s Empathy: Could Digital Games Help? The 10th Anniversary Conference of the Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education, Sydney, Australia: The Asia-Pacific Network for Moral Education (APNME).