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Dr. Minkang Kim’s main teaching and research focus is the application of Dynamic Systems Theory (DST) and neurobiology to the study of human development and learning. She has a particular interest in the non-linearity of human development and how, in an increasingly global world, social, emotional and moral development are occurring in inter-cultural contexts. Within the Faculty, she is coordinator of the Human Development units for undergraduate and post-graduate courses, which introduce students to DST as a powerful meta-theory for understanding the complexities of human development, from early childhood to adulthood. She views human development as a life science and integrates neurobiological, psychological and educational sciences in her teaching and research.

Recent publications


Book Chapters

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Edited Journals

Kim, M., Taylor, M. (2017). Cultivating morality: The Asia-Pacific experience. Journal of Moral Education, 46(1).


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