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Jenny Pesina

Jenny is a MeD (Research) candidate at the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI), The University of Sydney. Jenny’s project explores the work of educational design teams through epistemic objects and artefacts. In particular, it focuses on the sociomaterial practices of learning design teams. Jenny has diverse experience in educational design and academic development fields. Jenny current role is Head, Education Design, at the Australian School of Applied Management, Melbourne, Australia. Prior to this, Jenny held various positions at The University of Melbourne and Open Universities Australia.


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Recent publications

Recent publications

Calma, A., Webster, B., Petry, S., & Pesina, J. (2014). Improving the quality of student experience in large lectures using quick polls. Australian Journal of Adult Learning, 54(1), 114.

Dawborn-Gundlach L. M., Pesina J., Rochette E., Hubber, P., Gaff, P., Henry, D., Gibson, M., Kelly, L., Redman, C., (2016). Enhancing Pre-service Teachers’ concept of Earth Science through an immersive, conceptual museum learning program (Reconceptualising Rocks). Manuscript submitted and accepted for publication in 2017.

Pesina, J., Beaumont, T., & Parkes, A. (2014).  In-house creation of video in higher education: a worthwhile endeavour? International Journal of Learning and Media. Available at

Pesina, J., Carroll, G. (2014). Is it time to start reconceptualising maths and science teacher education? Professional Educator, Vol. 13, Issue. 5, pp. 8-11.  Australian College of Educators.

Selected conference presentations

Abblitt, S., Hickie, C., Nguyen, Y., Pesina, J, Sutherland, J. (2016). ‘Academic Development Through Intensive Learning Design’. Conference poster. ASCILITE 2016, Melbourne, Australia.

Dawborn-Gundlach, L. M. & Pesina, J. (2015). ‘Thematic Analysis of Qualitative Data Using Diverse yet Complementary Approaches’ as presented at the Contemporary Approaches to Research in Mathematics, Science, Health and Environmental Education Symposium, Deakin University.