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New CRLI Students

A warm welcome to our new students Tony Cannell, Rita Prestigiacomo and Konstantinos Sarris.

Tony Cannell is enrolled in the MPhil is Education. He currently works as an Associate Lecturer and unit coordinator at the USYD School of Business. Tony coordinates academic language and learning activities for postgraduate students. He has a background in critical analytic Philosophy and second language acquisition. Tony's research concerns using augmented reality (AR) as a tool in the hand of students for interdisciplinary learning in tertiary education.

Rita Prestigiacomo's research will focus on new technologies and media. In particular, her focus will be on augmented reality (AR) used to enhance cultural awareness.

Konstantinos Sarris comes from an arts and educational background, having studied Architecture and Architectural Computing, English Language and Literature and Educational Technology. He is currently reading for a PhD in Education, with his thesis title being: Live (Real-time) Web-casting in Digital Education. EdTech in academia is the career path he wishes to follow. Some of his academic interests are: education, technology, design, science, literature, history, business, language learning, lifelong learning. Also, a few of Konstantinos' general interests include: music, dancing, theatre, cinema, live events, cultural events, sports, martial arts and travel.


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