At the nexus of learning and innovation

'Reimagining the future: Frontiers of learning innovation and research'.

CRLI have been awarded funding by the University’s Strategic Education Grants for the Sydney Research Seminars series 'Reimagining the future: Frontiers of learning innovation and research'.

Who better to give us insights into learning than our ‘expert’ learners – our students? This seminar series will involve undergraduate and postgraduate (coursework and research) students from various disciplines, together with academics, in a series of online discussions and face-to-face seminars that will lead to production of a bi-annual Sydney Learning Innovation and Research Horizon Report.

The process will be facilitated and hosted by the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation and will involve researchers from the learning sciences, eLearning design, information technologies, engineering, health, medicine, business and other related fields.

“It is a unique opportunity for postgraduate and undergraduate students to be not just ‘listeners’ or ‘attendees’ of conventional research seminars, but contributors, in fact experts who do research,” said Associate Professor Lina Markauskaite.

“The horizon reports that will be produced during these seminars will be real research products that have the power to shape the future of educational policies, investments in teaching and learning innovations. In order to solve key educational challenges, we need to understand learning ‘from neutrons to neighbourhoods’. For students whose major is not education, it’s a unique opportunity to think about how their discipline could contribute to better understanding of learning, as well as innovation in this field. It helps shape the future – this is what learning at the University is about.” 

The University’s Strategic Education Grants give funding to staff to develop learning resources and activities in line with the University’s 2016-20 Strategic Plan, with 49 projects receiving $688,908 in total.

The project will be led by Associate Professor Lina Markauskaite (Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences) and project team of Professor Peter Reimann, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences; Associate Professor Abelardo Pardo, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technologies; Dr Amani Bell and Associate Professor Robert Ellis in the Education Portfolio.

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