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CRLI Seminar Series

“Engaging Effectively with Innovation” as a Graduate Quality with Professor Tom Carey

Seminar Recording

The increasingly competitive, fluid and challenging work environments of the futurerequire graduates who are prepared to work with knowledge that doesn’t yet exist, using practices that don’t yet exist, in jobs that don’t exist.  In this seminar, we’ll look at a new Canadian project aiming to address some of this need by developing “capability to engage effectively with innovation in the workplace” as a Graduate Quality.

Our working definition of innovation is the social process of creating enduring value by successful mobilization of new ideas in the workplace. Our emerging plan for developing the graduate capability includes:

  • Innovation Skills: through experiential learning activities to engage with innovation in our own teaching and learning workplaces;
  • Innovation Knowledge: through an interdisciplinary curriculum for ‘big picture’ knowledge about which skills apply when, where and why;
  • Innovation Mindsets: through immersion in powerful workplace innovation cultures, on and off campus.

In the discussion, I hope to learn more from your work about the following issues:

  • How does this Graduate Quality relate to “Inventiveness” as a Sydney Graduate Quality?
  • How do we ensure that graduates can transfer capability in innovation for the workplace into innovation in their other roles, e.g., as community members and global citizens?
  • How could some of our graduates develop further capability, as enablers and catalysts for innovation in the workplace? (e.g., in a Bachelor of Advanced Studies?)

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