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Collaboration with Edinburgh funded under new scheme

A group of CRLI researchers (Curwood, Pardo, Bell) have been successful awarded funds for an international collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. 

The University of Edinburgh

Global engagement is one of the areas that the University of Sydney has prioritised in its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. As part of this, new partnership collaboration awards have been set up to fund collaboration between Sydney researchers and international colleagues in leading institutions in Europe and Asia. Three CRLI researchers—Dr Jen Scott Curwood, Associate Professor Abelardo Pardo, Dr Amani Bell—have been successful in securing funding to work with the University of Edinburgh on a project titled 'Methodological innovations for assessing learning in digital spaces'. 

More on the project:

The Methodological Innovations for Assessing Learning in Digital Spaces project builds on existing synergies and research connections between the Centre for Research in Digital Education (University of Edinburgh) and the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (University of Sydney).

Higher education increasingly involves teaching and learning across physical and digital contexts. For students, this allows them the opportunity to engage with digital artefacts, to represent their knowledge in multimodal forms, and to collaborate across time and space. For university teachers, this presents the challenges of designing digital learning spaces, creating innovative assessments, and developing new approaches to assessment and feedback.

Higher education increasingly involves teaching and learning across physical and digital contexts.

Focused on cutting edge methodologies for designing and assessing student learning in digital spaces, the project weaves together two complementary strands: Dr Curwood and Dr Bell will work with Dr Jen Ross to assess student production of multimodal artefacts, drawing on place-based and mobilities-informed theoretical frameworks, and Associate Professor Pardo will work work with Professor Dragan Gasevic to analyse the student interaction with digital resources over time, using theory-informed learning analytics methods which aim to account for student engagement and how it is impacted by specialised feedback.

Congratulations to Jen, Abelardo, and Amani!

For further information on other successful partnerships see the University's press release.

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