At the nexus of learning and innovation

A Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation seminar on Designs for Transformation of Situated Knowledge with Roland Hachmann

The discussion about the transfer of knowledge and learning seems to be ongoing and without any conclusion as to what transfer is, when or how it occurs. Since the late eighties, the research on transfer and learning has focused on how identity, situatedness, affordances of resources and crossing between sites of learning have a mutual impact on the nature of how and what is being transferred or transformed. In this talk, Roland will present an overview and perspectives from a preliminary analysis of the data from his ongoing Ph.D. project. The project investigates how students at a Teacher Education Program transfer and transform situated knowledge between contexts of education and practice and how educational designs can support these processes.

For six months Roland has been following students participating in a course where specific design principles for transformation were designed, developed and investigated through a Design-Based Research approach.


Roland Hachmann is a Senior Lecturer in the field of ICT & Learning at the University College of Southern Denmark associated with the Centre of Excellency for General Education and Ph.D. student at the University of Southern Denmark affiliated with the Institute for Design & Communication. The PhD-project is an empirical study which is part of a larger national research project called Designing for Situated Knowledge in a World of Change, directed by Dr. Nina Bonderup Dohn. The project aims to develop contributions, both philosophical and pragmatic for the development of new theoretical assumption for designs for learning, that support transformation of knowledge.