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Learning as the process of becoming: Implications for educational design practice

Education in its broader sense is the process of becoming and identity formation. Developing a professional identity, as an engineer, teacher, or medical practitioner, lies at the core of higher education practice. However, previous research illustrates a lack of an integrated framework that conceptualizes the process to explain how learners practice professional identities and what are the relations between educational design and such practices. In my PhD thesis I respond to this by proposing a conceptual framework that applies two main concepts: 1) a new concept of implied identity to refer to different aspects of professional identity perceived by individuals during their experiences and 2) Archer’s notion of reflexivity (2003), as an internal dialogue, that mediates between individuals and their social context.

The paper "Implied identity: A conceptual framework for exploring engineering professional identity practices in higher education" (Khosronejad, Reimann, & Markauskaite, 2015) discusses the proposed approach within the context of engineering education.

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