At the nexus of learning and innovation
May 4, 12:00 pm

This event is CANCELLED. 

The presentation will introduce the Growing Mind project (2018-2023, funded by the Strategic Research Council of the Academy of Finland). Kai will talk about its theoretical, methodological, and practice-based foundations and some findings. Pirita will address pedagogic interventions aimed at bringing elements of maker culture to primary and lower secondary schools.

Current educational practices do not sufficiently inspire adolescents and provide only limited support coping with rapid societal changes, engaging in continuous further education or creative knowledge work in the digital society. To overcome this challenge, the project involves collecting longitudinal data on adolescents’ learning, engagement, socio-digital participation with longitudinal neuroscientific data of the effects of digitalization on the development of adolescents’ mind and brain. Growing Mind (mindset) interventions aim at empowering learning and positive development in adolescents in general and in disadvantaged and immigrant students in particular. Research advances in inquiry-, design-, and game-based science and math learning guide implementing digital-pedagogic innovations inspiring digital youth together with cultivating flexible epistemic competencies required by productive professional participation and lifelong learning. Further, learning analytics for assessing and fostering an emergent form of personal and social learning in digital environments is being developed. Research-practice partnership enables the project to support systematic educational transformations at schools in Helsinki and aims at cultivating epistemic flexibility that teachers need for orchestrating nonlinear and open-ended pedagogic processes instead of highly scripted and closed ones. Interactive efforts of a multi-disciplinary research network, educational practitioners, and working life stakeholders, supported by Innokas Network, assists in integrating academic and practical knowledge for renewing the Finnish educational system.

Kai Hakkarainen is Professor of Education at the Department of Educational Sciences, University of Helsinki. He has developed internationally recognized theoretical frameworks and models of technology-mediated collaborative learning and knowledge creation and carried out pioneering design experiments (knowledge building, progressive inquiry, learning by making) at various levels of education. He has also studied expertise and expert networks across many domains, such as teachers, engineers, designers, energy-efficiency experts, fingerprint examiners and magicians. Beyond Growing Mind, he has been the leader of many other competitive research projects funded by the Academy of Finland.

Pirita Seitamaa-Hakkarainen is professor of Craft Studies at the University of Helsinki, Faculty of Educational Sciences as well as a part-time professor at South-Eastern University of Norway. She has studied design and making processes, the nature of the distributed expertise and the theory of knowledge creation. Her studies focus on analyzing expertise in design, the nature of the design process and the role of the external representation, embodiment, materiality and the maker-centred learning (STEAM). She has been analysing collaboration and embodiment in various settings, and at different levels of education. The role of scaffolding in education settings, both scaffolding in social interaction as well as that mediated by material artefacts has been the focus of her research.

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This event is CANCELLED. 


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