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Stellar Evolution: A virtual reality experience

Ever wanted to get a grip on how stars form and evolve over millions of years? Cyntia Franco and Matthew Burgess have been working on an exciting new Virtual Reality (VR) project called Stellar Evolution, which aims to give a visceral experience of stellar phenomena.

Kids exploring the stars

Putting on a virtual reality headset, Stellar Evolution puts you in a world where you can simulate how stars form and evolve. You can even walk up to and pick up a star, as if it were a basketball, and inspect it from different angles. 

Franco and Burgess recently demonstrated this technology at our recent Innovative Technologies Showcase, and at a "Physics in the Pub" event put on by the Australian Institute of Physics. So far they have impressed fellow scientists and educational designers, as well as the general public, and are currently working at integrating this technology into educational contexts. 

For more information, see the power-point presentation below:

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