At the nexus of learning and innovation
October 4, 11:30 am

A Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation seminar on 'Using Learning Design and LAMS to implement Team Based Learning (TBL): An Example from Medical Education' with Professor James Dalziel

The field of Learning Design provides frameworks for describing and sharing effective teaching strategies. LAMS (the Learning Activity Management System) is an open source system for creating, sharing and implementing teaching strategies, including Problem Based Learning, Role Plays and other sequences of collaborative online learning activities. Team Based Learning (TBL) is a teaching strategy that uses a combination of individual and small group assessment tasks combined with group debate about chosen answers, combined with whole class discussion. While TBL has been conducted using paper for several decades, LAMS is the first Learning Design system to provide a flexible online toolset for implementing TBL. LAMS-enabled TBL has been a core element of the new medical program at the Lee Kong Chian School of Medicine at Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore. This presentation will discuss the pedagogical and technical challenges of adapting LAMS to implement TBL, and lessons learned from implementation with students.


James Dalziel is Dean of Education at Morling College, and is a Professor of the University of Divinity. James’ interests including Educational Technology, Learning Design, Christian Education and Moral Values in Education. James was previously Professor of Learning Technology and Director of the Macquarie E-Learning Centre of Excellence (MELCOE) at Macquarie University from 2003-2015. Before this he was at the University of Sydney as a Senior Lecturer in the Institute for Teaching and Learning (2001-2003), and a Lecturer and Associate Lecturer in Psychology (1995-2001). He leads the development of the open source “LAMS” (Learning Activity Management System) software – a Learning Design system used in schools and universities around the world. James has over 80 publications – including his recent edited book “Learning Design: Conceptualizing a Framework for Teaching and Learning Online” (Routledge, 2016).