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Learning analytics - Can we rigorously measure impact on students?


Learning Analytics - Can we rigorously measure impact on students?

When deciding to implement a learning analytics (LA) tool, institutions often seek out evidence that it will result in measurable benefits. As most LA interventions are likely to produce a positive effect, institutions look for tools that demonstrate the largest, most meaningful effects.

12 April 2018 event - Audio Walks in Pedagogy

Audio Walks in Pedagogy - Panel discussion and Q&A

The FASS3999 Interdisciplinary unit pilot program has seen the development of an innovative pedagogical augmented reality tool to help orient themselves at Westmead, not just functionally and geographically, but in a multisensorial fashion. The audio walk (as distinct from a comparatively ‘sense-neutral’ podcast) uses binaural sound to put the walker in a twinned acoustic space, with the effect of creating a sensorial connection to the environment and hypersensitivity to the individual’s embodied way of being in the world.

Aligning space, educational theory and practice

A number of CRLI Learning Spaces SIG members were involved in the development of the University of Sydney learning spaces at Westmead. Last month, Pippa Yeoman and Stephanie Wilson hosted a guided tour of the WECC Level 1. This learning space is an existing project that pushes both spatial and philosophical boundaries.

New CRLI Students

A warm welcome to our new students Tony Cannell, Rita Prestigiacomo and Konstantinos Sarris.

Tony Cannell is enrolled in the MPhil is Education. He currently works as an Associate Lecturer and unit coordinator at the USYD School of Business. Tony coordinates academic language and learning activities for postgraduate students. He has a background in critical analytic Philosophy and second language acquisition. Tony's research concerns using augmented reality (AR) as a tool in the hand of students for interdisciplinary learning in tertiary education.