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Learning analytics - Can we rigorously measure impact on students?


Learning Analytics - Can we rigorously measure impact on students?

When deciding to implement a learning analytics (LA) tool, institutions often seek out evidence that it will result in measurable benefits. As most LA interventions are likely to produce a positive effect, institutions look for tools that demonstrate the largest, most meaningful effects.

12 April 2018 event - Audio Walks in Pedagogy

Audio Walks in Pedagogy - Panel discussion and Q&A

The FASS3999 Interdisciplinary unit pilot program has seen the development of an innovative pedagogical augmented reality tool to help orient themselves at Westmead, not just functionally and geographically, but in a multisensorial fashion. The audio walk (as distinct from a comparatively ‘sense-neutral’ podcast) uses binaural sound to put the walker in a twinned acoustic space, with the effect of creating a sensorial connection to the environment and hypersensitivity to the individual’s embodied way of being in the world.