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Teamwork, Collaboration and Decision making

Over recent years, teams have emerged as a crucial vehicle for doing various projects. Teamwork offers both the organisations and individuals the ability to become more familiar with each other, and learn new skills and draw on other team members’ talents, experiences and perspectives. Working in a team enables team members to be more effective in their work, as compared to those who work on their projects on their own. Yet many different types of teams exist ranging from temporarily problem-solving teams to long-term project teams in order to respond to the teamwork demand.

Developing Facilitation Skills for Assisting Group Decision-Making for Higher Education Students

Group facilitation, Video technology, Pedagogical strategy, Group decision making

Given the growing demands for collaborative teamwork, it has been suggested that facilitation is a vital skill in both the workplace and classroom in the 21st century. Research has found that strong facilitation skills would be critical for group decision-making and problem-solving. Yet many researchers and practitioners may consider group discussions as ineffective and time-consuming; few of us have tried to take any professional training before facilitating a project meeting.

EFL Teachers’ Reflections on ICT and Intercultural Communication

Intercultural communication, Teachers’ Competences, Telecollaboration, Reflective Learning, Video Conferencing

This research project is set to investigate how information and communication technologies  (ICT) with particular emphasis on telecollaboration can be used as a tool for promoting the intercultural competency of EFL teachers. A study was conducted in a form of an online course for EFL teachers at Taif University’s ELC in Saudi Arabia as a professional development, with the main focus on their reflective journaling of intercultural experiences as well as ICT.