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Submission Form: A call for interesting ideas, projects, and research

Do you have predictions about the future of learning? Are you working on an innovative project? Itching to share insights into novel pedagogies, new technologies, interesting places and spaces, theories, methods, and other topics or combinations? We here at the Centre for Research on Learning and Innovation (CRLI) are trialling an initiative to gather such ideas, projects, and research from our broader community.

Leading international scholars at CRLI

Announcing a program of visiting scholars for the second half of 2017

Image of international scholars


CRLI has invited key international scholars from leading centres to collaborate on its project Understanding and Facilitating Learning in Emerging Knowledge Co-Creation Spaces, funded under the Sydney Research Excellence Initiative 'SREI’ 2020 scheme at the University of Sydney, and

Abelardo Pardo: Using data for better student feedback

Abelardo Pardo, co-coordinator of the learning analytics SIG, has just published a new paper in The Journal for Assessment and Evaluation in Higher Education. This paper explores feedback in education and how this can play out and be extended in data rich learning environments. 

Student highlight: Roland Hachmann

Presenting at our CRLI seminar series this week, we have a chat with PhD candidate and visiting scholar from Denmark, Roland Hachmann. We discuss his work on knowledge transformations and learning.

How would you describe your research?

Roland: Designing for transformation of situated knowledge

What motivates your research?

Collaboration with Edinburgh funded under new scheme

A group of CRLI researchers (Curwood, Pardo, Bell) have been successful awarded funds for an international collaboration with the University of Edinburgh. 

Global engagement is one of the areas that the University of Sydney has prioritised in its 2016-2020 Strategic Plan. As part of this, new partnership collaboration awards have been set up to fund collaboration between Sydney researchers and international colleagues in leading institutions in Europe and Asia.