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Collaborating to explore the future of work

University of Sydney students connect with Randstad executives to explore how future workplaces will attract tomorrow’s talent

In the new and innovative Industry and Community Project Unit (ICPU), University of Sydney students were connected with a panel of professors, Randstad executives and labour market specialists over three months to how the workplace and workforce will change to meet the expectations of the future worker. In this blogpost, published first at www.randsta

From pools to forests... and from forests to ecologies...

Presentation at BEAN (Biosciences Education Australia Network) conference, Canberra, December 2018. 

Professor Peter Reimann "From pools to forests"

Slides are here

1.Learning progressions

2.Designing assessments for learning progressions with the ECD method

3.Modelling progressions with Knowledge Space Theory

4.Students creating assessment items

Courtney Hilton "... and from forests to ecologies"

1. Some problems in higher-ed

2. How student partnerships might help

3. How we can implement some of these ideas in a principled way, supported by technologies

Slides are here. 

ResearchFest 19 recordings are online

Watch our plenaries, "Moonshots for 21st Century Learning: Research at the CRLI Advanced Learning Technologies" and "Innovation in the Digital Local Learning Ecology" with Prof Patrick Olivier, as well as available roundtables.

Opening Plenary: Moonshots for 21st Century Learning: Research at the CRLI Advanced Learning Technologies SIG

Research Fest: combined poster sessions and technology demo session

Posters will run concurrently with demos, from 11.20-12.20, in New Law level one rooms 100 and 102, 115 and 117.

Posters (11.20-12.20 in rooms 100, 102, 115, 117)

Posters will run concurrently with demos, in two sessions from 11.20-12.20. Odd numbers present from 11.20-11.50, even from 11.50-12.20. Posters will be presented in rooms 100 and 102, 115 and 117. Posters include:

CRLI Research Fest closing plenary with Professor Patrick Olivier

Innovation in the Digital Local Learning Ecology with Professor Patrick Olivier

Keynote plenary of the Nov 29th Learning and Innovation Research Fest

This closing plenary for the Learning and Innovation Research Fest will place in New Law Auditorium 101, University of Sydney Camperdown campus, from 2.40-4.00pm on Thursday November 29th 2018. This plenary session will also feature the Fest closing and poster awards, as well as a short presentations by Associate Professor Julia Horne, University Historian.